Tuesday Dance Music Videos

It’s Tuesday once again and we have gathered up some of the most well choreographed music videos of all time. You can view all of the videos below and build your own music video playlists by downloading the Edge Music Network app or this website.

Ne-Yo – Let Me Love You Until You Learn to Love Yourself

Released: 2012

Directed by Christopher Sims

The “Let Me Love You Until You Learn to Love Yourself” video displays the highly technical dance moves of both Ne-Yo and various background dancers. Throughout the video Ne-Yo shows off his popping and locking dance moves with occasional Michael Jackson-esque hip thrusts. The video is a perfect example of what type of dancing mixes well with hip hop dance music.

Paula Abdul – Rush Rush

Released: 1991

Directed by Stephan Wuernitzer

The iconic video for “Rush Rush” features Paula Abdul parodying the movie, Rebel Without A Cause. Keanu Reeves plays James Deans’ role and yearns after Paula Abdul’s depiction of Natalie Wood. In the video, Paula is periodically shown gyrating her body in order to increase her sexual appeal and demonstrate how you can make your body feel the rhythm of a song.

Madonna – Living for Love

Released: 2015

Directed by J.A.C.K.

One of Madonna’s most artistic music videos, “Living for Love”, shows Madonna in various outfits and busting out some of her best dance moves. Throughout the video, Madonna performs a choreographed dance routine while backup dancers in bull masks dance around her. The video tries to depict Madonna as a matador trying to tame the patriarchy. The video ends with a Nietzsche quote, “”Man is the cruelest animal. At tragedies, bullfights and crucifixions he has felt best on earth; and when he invented hell for himself that was his very heaven.”