Tuesday Dance Music Videos

It’s time to learn some new dance moves by watching some of the most classic dance music videos on Edge Music Network. You can watch these videos and build your own dance music video playlist by using the Edge Music Network app or by searching this website.

Ne-Yo – Friend Like Me

Released: 2015

The music video for Ne-Yo’s cover of “Friend Like Me”, shows Ne-Yo dancing and singing while Aladdin is periodically played in the background. The majority of the choreography comes toward the end of the video where two 1950’s themed dancers join Ne-Yo in a 1950’s type dance routine. The video’s retro dance routine captures the feel of Aladdin and an example of doing 1950’s dancing.

Rihanna – Pon de Replay

Released: 2005

“Pon de Replay” might be an old music video, but the dance routines in it are still fresh. The video mainly highlights Rihanna’s signature arm dancing and hip gyrations. However, the background dancers break out into different forms of krump dancing and even form a human bicycle towards the end of the video. If you are looking for a good method to shake your hips or want to get pumped up to dance, then watch the video for “Pon de Replay.”

Madonna – Vogue

Released: 1990

Even though the video for “Vogue” isn’t necessarily known for its technical dance routine, it’s still one of the most iconic dancing themed video and song ever made. The video shows Madonna doing some classic popping and locking with a variety of dancers. Watching the high energy dancing in the video will instantly start making your body move.