Tuesday’s Featured Music Artist, Machine Gun Kelly

Today’s featured music artist, Machine Gun Kelly, is known for his creative music videos and risqué lifestyle. Below are some of his most notable music videos, which you can view on both this website and the Edge Music Network app.

Machine Gun Kelly – World Series

Released: 2015

Directed by Charlie Zwick

The video for “World Series” shows the tale of a British mafia leader trying to fix a boxing match. Machine Gun Kelly plays a boxer that is supposed to take a dive in the 4th round, however, their is a surprise ending to the match. The well thought out story-line of the video makes “World Series” one of the most impressive story based music videos of all time.

Machine Gun Kelly – Invincible

Released: 2012

Directed by Isaac Rentz

The emotional video for “Invincible” portrays hardships that people face on a daily basis and MGK’s boxing prowess. In the video, a man is shown getting into a fist-fight, a woman finding out she’s pregnant, MGK boxing, and MGK visiting a hospital. The stories might seem a little heart-wrenching, but the video ends up leaving on a lighter note. The guest music artist in the song, Ester Dean, is also featured in the video singing in a hospital.

Machine Gun Kelly – The Break Up

Released: 2017

Directed by Jordan Wozy

The colorful video for “The Break Up” features Machine Gun Kelly in the midst of breaking up with a woman. The concept for the video isn’t unique; however, the amount of contrasting colors makes “The Break Up” one of the most aesthetically pleasing videos to watch. The video’s use of flashing box graphics will also get you pumped up and energized for any Tuesday activities you might have. If you are looking for an esoteric and risqué video to watch, then watch “The Break Up.”