Wednesday Classic Music Videos

It’s time to take a trip through music video history by watching decade defining music videos. Find these videos and more by downloading the Edge Music Network app or searching this website.

Blondie – Heart of Glass

Released: 1979

The combination of the disco ball dance floor and funk rhythm makes the video for “Heart of Glass” scream 1970’s.

Flocking Seagulls – I Ran (So Far Away)

Released: 1982

The synthesizer, hair, and fashion in the video for “I Ran (So Far Away)” makes it one of the most quintessential 80’s music videos ever made.

Spice Girls – Wannabe

Released: 1996

The music video for “Wannabe” captures both the 1990’s wave of pop-bands and popularity of highly choreographed videos. The continuous tracking also makes “Wannabe” one of the most technically impressive music videos ever filmed.

Ok Go – Here it Goes Again

Released: 2006

The viral music video “Here it Goes Again” made it clear that the 2000s is the age of internet music videos.